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Vanish Color Correction

Permanent color need not to be permanent.

Color correction without stress or damage.
™ gently reduces the size of the artificial
color molecules, allowing the color to be washed
  away, with no damage to the hair.

• VANISHdoes not contain peroxide, bleach,
or ammonia

• VANISHdoes not affect the natural color
of the hair, so permanent or semi-permanent hair
color can be applied to the hair the same day.

• VANISH™ reverses the oxidation of permanent hair color.

• You may re-apply VANISHup to 3 times a day
(if necessary).

New advanced formula!

Innovative technological advances provide the
maximum color reduction available today without
the usual mess and odor.

• Superior color reduction capabilities
• Gel-like, non-dripping consistency
• Fresh fragrance


Vanish Color Correction
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Farmington Hills, MI 48336
Tel. 1-800-992-6080

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Windsor Beauty Color Vanish Stain Remover

Important note: If client is allergic to
sulfur, do not use this product.

Do Not use Color Vanish Corrector
after bleach highlights

F o r  a  f u l l  c o l o r  c o r r e c t i o n


Vanish Color Correction
Vanish Color Correction 2
Vanish Color Correction 3
For Professional use only.