Curious about our innovative hair care solutions? Our Product Information section is here to provide you with detailed insights into VANISH™ products, helping you make informed choices for your hair care needs. From ingredients to benefits, find answers to your frequently asked questions and learn how to get the best out of our revolutionary hair care range.

Vanish contains a sulfur compound which would cause a respiratory distress reaction in persons with a sulfur allergy.

Vanish is stress free to the hair structure. If vanish is not successful upon 3 applications it is our belief that further applications would be a waste of time and energy.

Vanish is most successful on a oxidative color that has been in the hair less than 48 hours. However some success has been achieved with color in the hair for longer periods.

Vanish does not have the ability to remove a finished dye molecule that stains the cuticle.

No. Water contains oxygen, which may counteract the result of Vanish.

Vanish will not alter natural pigment.

The hair should be a shade somewhere between a red-orange up through a yellow stage. The result is dependent upon the volume of hydrogen peroxide the halr was exposed to during the color application.

Where the previous artificial pigment was removed from the cortex, the new color pigments may appear darker.

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