Rewind It 10 Men Hair Color MEDIUM BLOMDE



  1. Choose a shade that matches your natural hair color.
  2. Protect clothing and surfaces.
  3. Wearing gloves provided, remove the applicator cap off the Developer bottle, without removing the tip. Squeeze the entire contents of the Hair Cream color tube into the Developer bottle. Mixture is a 1 to 1 ratio of color cream to developer. Place the cap back onto the Developer bottle and close it tightly. Point away from face and body, shake well.  *(CAUTION): Do not squeeze or put any pressure on the Hair Color Cream tube until you have pierced the tube completely. Do not point either end of the tube towards the face while opening or using. Contact between eyes and contents may cause blindness. Never leave the tip of the applicator bottle unopened after mixing, the container may burst. Discard all unused mixture.
  4. For maximum effectiveness, apply color mixture right away to clean dry hair.
  5. Start application where hair is the greyest, distribute up and down gently to cover all the hair evenly.
  6. Lift each section of hair with hand not holding the bottle and apply mixture from root to end.
  7. Start counting time after application is completed. Process 10 minutes or less to prevent the color from going too dark.
  8. Always rinse and shampoo in shower to make sure all the product is removed.
  9. Style as desired.


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